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Detect ad blockers, ensure ad revenue

Did you ever wonder why your ad revenue is declining?

Did you know that on average 24% of internet users are using ad-blocking software?
  • Detect who is using adblocking software
  • Test multiple alternatives simultaneously
  • No monthly fees

Find out how many of your users are using an adblocker:


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Our solutions

How can AdSurity help you?


How many of your users using ad blockers

  • Get statistics about the use of an ad block on your site
  • Calculate the impact on your revenue stream
  • Your visitors won’t notice a thing


The necessity of ads

  • Ask your visitors to unblock your site via a wall
  • Give them alternatives to pay for access
  • Follow IAB guidelines


and test and test

  • Create your own messages or choose one of our templates
  • Analyze results for every wall, notification or alternative payment
  • See what works best for you

Download our free whitepaper about AdBlocking

Find out about the trends and discover strategies to deal with AdBlocking

Easy IAB implementation

AdSurity works according to the IAB guidelines, written in this whitepaper. This is the deal:

  • Detect ad blocking (in order to initiate the conversation).
  • Explain the value exchange that advertising enables.
  • Ask for changed behavior.
  • Lift restrictions or Limit access in response to consumer choices.

Create your own dashboard today and detect for free how much you loose from ad blockers eliminating ads.

What our customers say

We started using AdSurity because we depend on the income from advertising. We were very happy with this new, easy to use tool. We detected that a large percentage of our visitors had active ad blockers! With the easy to setup walls, we convinced thousands of visitors to deactivate their adblockers. As a consequence we increased our revenue substantially.
Jurg Benders

Co-creator of, webviewer for

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